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Our Podcasts

Each podcast is made with love by genuine fans of the medium. Click a pod that catches your attention and pick a few favorites.

Interesting Humans Cover Art.png

A biweekly podcast hosted by Bibi Sofowote and Sarah Poonawala that unpacks the inspiring stories, life-altering experiences and incredible journeys of seemingly ordinary people who are anything but. Humans, it turns out, are generally more interesting than they might appear at first glance. These conversations are relaxed, entertaining and completely organic.

Toronto-based fashion entrepreneur and influencer, Noella Eze brings an unfiltered vibe to this irreverent podcast! Upbeat, real and energetic, you'll keep coming back for more of Noella's stories, tips and personality even if you're not necessarily big on fashion. And who knows, you might even find your fashion sense sharpening in a little while!

Unruly Fashion_Final Cover.jpeg
Hairbrained Schemes Cover Art.png

History and current times are littered with stories of people setting out on a venture without sufficient or any planning. The results are sometimes disastrous, sometimes surprisingly successful, but almost always hilarious! Join Bibi and Sibel each week as they examine a story of someone doing they have no business doing!

Not your typical relationship podcast, by any stretch of the imagination. J. Riggins is a combat veteran and author of the book, What A Man Really Wants To Say About Relationships - Revised and Unapologetic. This podcast delivers a front-row seat to J's common sense, straight-talking and humorous approach to relationships and what it takes to make them work and last.

The Unapologetic Relationship Cover Art_v2.png
Enabling Motion_Cover Art.png

Hosted by Sibel Mufti, Marc Hervieux & Owen MacIntosh, this inspiring MedTech podcast brings you a biweekly run-through of intriguing and impactful developments in the rehabilitation world, especially prosthetics and orthotics. Whether you are a doctor in the field or a casual listener, you'll always learn something exciting.

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